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4 common Ukrainian Russian online dating mistakes to avoid

4 common Ukrainian Russian online dating mistakes to avoid

What are the main troubles?

Today women are attacked with attention of the men on dating sites every day, and they have learned to throw aside the perverts, weirdos and simply boring guys. Avoid these online dating mistakes and increase your chances of finding a partner online!

While creating your profile, remember – the less is more. You need to excel and be remembered, without talking about yourself too much. Your story should be short, bold, playful and positive. Point enough personal details to create a quick connection, but not so much details to leave no space for mystery.


Try to cope with desire to add old photos where you had 30 percent more hair and 20 percent less kilograms. You should smile at least at one photo; unless you never smile in real life, 2-5 photos without a smile will create the impression of sullen and gloomy person. Even if you are really sporty, do not strip your body on photo. Another bad idea is to unbutton your shirt or pants to show your “character”, muscles or designer underwear. Men make online dating mistakes more often than women.

Stay in touch with reality

Some readers could check your profile on the authenticity at sites with reviews. And every second member of the site will avoid a second date if you are not a man, you pretend to be. Dating with Ukrainian or Russian women is severe but noble labor.

When you write a message to potential couple, say something friendly and informative about her profile. The women on dating sites receive dozens of messages a week from men, who don`t say anything other than “Hi, how are you doing? Would you like to meet?” It creates the impression that most men lazily send the same message to as many women as it`s possible, hoping to get a response from at least one of them, and trying to sound cool and negligently. This strategy has the opposite effect. You have to sound like you are interested in woman,  not like you desperately want to date anyone.

Check your spelling and grammar. It doesn’t take much time, but most people say that ignorance pushes off instantly.

Be friendly

When you fill in the profile, avoid the most common clichés: “I’m looking for a soul mate.” (What is this?) “I’m looking for best friend” (Don`t you have them yet?) “If you want to know more about me, send me a message” (Yes, of course).

Avoid these mistakes and you will surely be good to go!

When you describe your interests, remember that hockey, darts, billiards, races and hunting – it’s mostly a hobby for men. You could list them, but think again before dreaming about how many women will be happy to go out with you. Choose some interests that attract women.

Be realistic about whom you write, and expect that the response rate would be low. Remember that there are five men for every woman on such sites.