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3 Little Ways To Make Married Life With Russian Bride Easier

3 Little Ways To Make Married Life With Russian Bride Easier

Knowing What Is Important When You Marry a Russian Bride

Once you find a Slavic girl for marriage and you finally take your vows, you will find that you have to work at the relationship every day. No matter what kind of marriage you have, whether it is a cross-cultural marriage or not, the relationship just takes work. Here we explore three little ways to make the life you have with your Slavic lady just a little bit easier.

When you are married to a Russian female, you will find life with a Russian bride a whole lot less complicated if you can demonstrate respect for how your bride feels about significant topics or subjects. For instance, if your bride holds something as of high value, you should never downplay that issue or attempt to minimize it. If you make her feel like her feelings are trivialized, she will only resent you for it later. Therefore, always keep this notion in mind; if it’s important to her it should be important to you, and even if you don’t agree about the importance of something, still respect what you’re Slavic girl feels is important to her.

As an example of knowing what is important to your Slavic woman, consider the fact that she holds her extended family to a level of extreme importance. Grandparents, parents, and siblings, as well as aunts and uncles will typically be quite close to a Russian female. She will be highly committed to her family and will often want to help them emotionally and financially if possible. She will have the expectation that you will honor her family the way she does and to the degree that she does. In turn, she is likely to demonstrate the same honor and commitment to your extended family as well.

The Negative Results Of Assumptions

Have you ever heard the expression that “Assumptions make an ass out of you and me?” While this is a novel way to remember the spelling of “assume,” when broken down equals “ass + U + me,” it is also a brilliant way to express what a complicated mess things become when people start making assumptions. Never assume you know everything about your Russian bride and never assume she knows everything about you. Be clear about your feelings and openly express yourself concisely. Eliminate all possibility of ambiguity. Do not assume she is a mind reader or that she naturally should know how you feel about something. For your marriage to work, you are going to have to hone your communication skills to the max.

The Incredible Importance Of Cultural Integration

Life with Russian bride is definitely going to have you integrating cultural ideas and additions into your family unit. Early on in the relationship, you may want to discuss what cultural traditions you want to maintain stemming from your culture and what kind of important family traditions your Russian wife wants to carry on in the family as well. You should each spend time learning about the other’s heritage so that you can develop family values and integrate cultural understandings based on what you both appreciate, honor, cherish, and hold of considerable value.